Technology and Computer Recycling Companies

Many computer and IT recyclers in the Chicago area rely on ERC to break down computer systems, prepare them for safe shipment and deliver them to their locations for recycling or resale.

ERC Delivery Service understands that in the ever-changing world of technology, things need to move and be moved quickly . . . that is where ERC excels.   If you have something that must be picked up or delivered immediately, ERC will get it done!

Upon request, ERC can scan and register each device to ensure accuracy.

Going above and beyond, delivering to meet your expectations—that’s what ERC is all about. Call us for a quote.

“I’ve never worked with an easier company to do business with. The ownership
at ERC is personally committed to providing excellent service . . . his relationship
and service to us is his top priority.”
Charles Hicks of Sims Recycling Solutions